112, 2014

Missguided clutch

I never used to be a huge fan of shopping online, however more recently ‘Missguided’ has become one of my favourite places to shop. I never fail to find an item of clothing or an accessory that i wouldn’t like to order.

When browsing through the misguided website i came across this amazing clutch bag, i instantly knew this would be my next purchase! Before finding this clutch i had seen so many people with ‘slogan clutches’ and i loved them!

Most people that know me well know that i am a huge lover of the ‘all black’ look and this clutch fits in so well with that theme. Its perfect for so many different outfits as you can easily wear it to a party , or dress it down and wear it out more casually.

I have managed to fit in wearing this clutch to so many different places since my purchase and its always been brought up in conversation when talking to someone – everyone loves it! Ive had many people coming up to me on a night out saying “are you on your ‘worst behaviour’ tonight liv?” its definitely a great conversation starter.

I also love that this clutch is so big inside, when going out i try to stuff as much as i can into my bag but i find that clutch bags are always so small! However when i take this clutch out i feel like im carrying Mary Poppins bag – i fit everything i need inside with extra space!

Overall, i am very glad that i bought this clutch and will be returning to Misguided’s website to look at more for the christmas season.

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610, 2014


I have recently been inspired to create a Fashion Blog. Since i have had to think about my future and what career path i would like to go down i have deeply thought about my love for style and how our society is influenced by fashion in many different ways. After researching fashion courses and Universities i have discovered that the best path to take is ‘Fashion Promotion and Communication’.

I have a strong interest in the marketing and advertisement within the fashion industry – I follow many fashion blogs on social networking sites such as Instagram. These blogs include daily posts of the bloggers day-to-day outfits and styles of clothes that they put together. I am going to take my inspiration from these blogs and create my own in order to prepare for entering into the Fashion industry and share my creativity with others.

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